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About Party Sign C2.0.1


Have you ever wanted to relay a message to somebody but they were too far away or in a car? Want to send a sexy message in a noisy dance club? Or do you just want everybody to know how you feel right now?

Party Sign is the answer to these situations.

Display large scrolling text and emoticons on the screen to communicate with somebody too far away to hear you or in a noisy environment. Perfect for meeting new people at a dance club or letting your date know how you feel.

You can even email or text your message to a friend or loved one.

There are tons of other uses for Party Sign, including "Thank You!", pranks and jokes.


Party Sign was originally an award winning Palm webOS app by the same name. In fact, it's still available on the old Palm website.

There were several features that users kept asking for in the webOS app:

  1. Will you have an iOS and Android version?
  2. How do I send the scrolling message to another smartphone user?
  3. I want the message to be mirrored so people can read it in their rear view mirror.

After considering developing apps for multiple platforms, I decided the best way to check off all 3 of these wish list items was to create a website that can be used by anyone with a smartphone. Thus, partysign.me was born.

About PartySign.me

PartySign.me is owned and operated by MobiGameDepot.com. We are the developer of the original Party Sign Palm webOS app. This website was created to replace the app by allowing all smartphone users to be able to access the same features as the app.

We look forward to creating more interactive entertainment mobile websites in the future under the MobiGameDepot.com umbrella.